The Artist's Daughter

Since 1986


We’re not a store,
We’re an Experience!

Anyone that says they can’t find happiness doesn’t know where to shop. The answer is: THE ARTIST’S DAUGTHER in Tubac, AZ. This old-time western general store will take you back in time the minute you drive up. We have hundreds of signs, great variety of gasoline, oil, automobile, motorcycle, railroad, kitchen, man-cave and “libations’, just to name a few. Shelves are packed with tins, new and old. We have cowgirl & cowboy gifts, western bandanas in all colors, southwest cookie cutters, cowboy boot birdhouses, western music CD’s, enamelware dishes, all sizes of denim purses, miniatures, even handmade Barbie outfits of real buckskin.
We also have those highly collected postcards to send back home. Arizona’s own...Empie Kartoon Kards. We’ve been in the same location for over 30 years so we are easy to find. Come for a visit, you have to see this place to believe it.

Artist's Daughter Store
The Artist's Daughter

The Artist's Daughter Story

I am the daughter of the well-known western artist, cartoonist, pharmacist, Hal Empie (1909-2002). I have been introduced as “the artist's daughter” all my life. My parents, Louise and Hal Empie moved to Tubac from Duncan, Arizona in 1984. They designed the building on Tubac Road to include Dad’s gallery, studio and a spacious home. At the time of construction I needed space for my wholesale postcard business, Empie Kartoon Kards. Dad suggested they add a little building for me...thus...The Artist’s Daughter shop was born.

I opened January, 1986. I still have my postcard business and more. The store is packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with unique finds. Tubac is a terrific artisans village, the perfect place to live and a great place to visit. Shop the shop, then walk the walk just next door to the famous Hal Empie Gallery. Enjoy the beautiful art, tour his studio, meet some of the family. We’ll share the story of this Arizona legend, and our history in the state since 1886. See you soon.


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